The Negotiators V

David Reekie, 2016

David Reekie, paying tribute to his era, expresses his vision of the condition of mankind with humour and irony, by creating figurative sculptures, whose expressions remind us of the attitudes and reactions of men in our society, such as individualism, conformism, and conflict. He begins by making preliminary drawings of his models to decide on their shapes and colours, then creates is works of art in lost wax casting pâte de verre. For the past few years, he has been creating relatively symmetrical compositions with two characters. They thus express the duality of good and evil, differences, dialogues, meeting others, or - as we can see in this sculpture created for the Conches Glass Museum’s exhibition - negotiation. Here, two men are holding painted balls of wood in their hands, objects that they are negotiating.



(Born in Hackney, 1947)

The Negotiators V


Lost wax casting glass

H. 39; W.33; D.21 cm

Inscr. David Reekie / The Negotiators V / Feb 2017

Acquired with the financial assistance of FRAM Haute-Normandie

Inv. MV. 2016.3.1


2016 - Corps à corps. Glass Museum, Conches (5 March - 27 November, 2016).


LOUET Eric, Corps à corps. Published by: Musée du Verre, Conches, 2016. p. 71.