Corps à corps

How human bodies are represented in glass arts

Author: Eric Louet 

Authors of articles: Véronique Ayroles, Amélie Bannwart, Thierry de Beaumont, Séverine Berger, Véronique Brumm, Daphné Castano, Yves Delaborde, Maja Heuer, Eric Louet, Tizulu Maeda, Jean-Luc Olivié

Published in: 2016

Type: Exhibition catalogue

Editor: Musée de Verre de Conches

Number of pages: 72 pages 

Dimensions: 22 x 32 cm

Language: Bilingual French-English catalogue 

ISBN: 978-2-9545359-1-3

Price: €10

Summary: From the first glass pâte de verre works at the end of the nineteenth century up to the recent sculptural creations, the human body has inspired many glass artists. Using a host of techniques such as blowing, moulding, enamelling and incising, the body can be represented in a figurative, abstract or fragmented manner; it can suggest movement, the passage of time, or desire; it can represent a style or an era. Through selected works from 1880 up until 2015 by sixty international artists, this catalogue accompanies the exhibition in our Conches Glass Museum to invite you to discover how the human body can be represented in glass arts.



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Corps à corps