Gabriel Loire

Glass slabs from the artist’s studio

1 March 2014 to 30 November 2014

Considered as one of the best glassmakers in the second half of the twentieth century, Gabriel Loire made stained-glass windows in his studio near Chartres for over a thousand buildings in France and abroad. The vast majority of these glass panels were made with glass slabs and cement, often in audacious contemporary buildings with large stained-glass windows programmes (Casablanca 850 m2, Epinal 670m2, Berlin2,200 m2).

Through a selection of stained-glass windows, layouts and iconographic documents from Loire’s studio, this exhibition presents the first creations made to promote the studio, the trial panels for large orders placed in the 1950s and the last abstract stained-glass windows that the artist created for his pleasure. This set of stained-glass windows, exhibited for the very first time, shows the changes and diversity of stained-glass windows made from glass slabs by Gabriel Loire between 1946 and 1996.

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