15 September 2012 to 2 December 2012

Schneider glassworks was one of the twentieth century’s leading glassmaking facilities. Charles Schneider, a tireless creator, created several hundred models between 1938 and 1933, that he sold through two commercial brand names: Schneider and Charder, Le Verre Français. Characterised by bright, contrasted and powerful colours, with naturalistic and stylised patterns, Schneider glassware was a huge success at the 1925 World Exhibition, and was massively exported to the United States. The glassworks took a hard blow in the 1929 crisis, and was forced to close down a bit later. Charles Schneider nonetheless urged his children to set up a new crystalworks in the 1950s, where Robert-Henri Schneider created unique objects.

Though it perfectly symbolised the Art Déco style in the inter-war period, Schneider’s glassware was forgotten for a long time. Since the 1980s though it has come back into style and several amateurs have brought their collections together to give us the Schneider – Les enfants d’une œuvre exhibition.