Etienne Leperlier

Authors: Marc Jimenez, Anne Vanlatum

Published in: 2002

Type: Monography 

Editor: HD Nick éditions

Number of pages: 72 pages 

Dimensions: 24 x 21 cm

ISBN: 2-913298-09-5

Price: €23 

Summary: Though he studied to be an ethnologist, his attraction for plastic arts finally changed his life: by using glass as a material, like his grand-father, François Décorchemont, and his brother, Antoine Leperlier. But that’s where the comparisons end, as Etienne Leperlier developed his own language as a sculptor, using prints, reflects, transparency and colours. The position of this glass artists in the history of art is brilliantly contextualised by Marc Jimenez. Anne Vanlatum, through her interviews with Etienne Leperlier, brings us right into his universe. Colour reproductions by Frédéric Jaulmes, photographic report by Jean Potier. Book jointly published by the City of Conches (27) and HD Nick éditions.


Etienne Leperlier