Hébert-Stevens - Rinuy - Bony

Stained glass windows in the twentieth century

Author: Eric Louet 

Authors of articles: Jean-Pierre Blin, Catherine Delot, Véronique David, Thomas Lequeu, Eric Louet, Fabienne Stahl

Published in: 2017

Type: Exhibition catalogue

Editor: Musée de Verre de Conches

Number of pages: 80 pages

Dimensions: 22 x 32 cm

ISBN: 978-2-9545359-4-4

Price : €10

Summary: The Hébert-Stevens-Rinuy-Bony stained-glass windows studio is one of those that is most engaged on the road to modernity in the twentieth century. Whilst producing religious stained-glass windows for churches that were damaged during the War, its members also took part in many large international exhibitions between the Wars and those organised in Parisian trade fairs. By presenting exceptional works of art, from their productions or those stemming from the collaboration with some of the twentieth century’s leading artists, such as Maurice Denis, George Desvallières, Marcel Gromaire and Henri Matisse, this studio worked in the renovation of sacred art while striving to open the stained glass field to contemporary painters. Through a selection of stained-glass windows produced mainly for these events, stored at the studio and held in public collections, the Conches Glass Museum presented the first retrospective of this Parisian studio of glass painters of the twentieth century, and published a catalogue for this exhibition.


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Hébert-Stevens - Rinuy - Bony