Les enfants d'une oeuvre

Authors: Barlach Heuer, Tomas Heuer, Jean-Pierre Serre, Laurence Serre 

Published in: 2012

Type:  Exhibition catalogue

Editor: Choses et autres choses

Number of pages: 192 pages 

Dimensions: 24.5 x 29 cm

ISBN: 978-2-7466-4320-8

Price: €48

Summary: At the beginning of the twentieth century, in Epinay-sur-Seine (France), Charles Schneider was widely recognised as a master glassmaker. He studied at the Nancy School, though he quickly broke out of its aesthetics, which he completely mastered. In the 1925 World Exhibition, his audacious creations became one of the symbols of Art Déco. After World War II, with Charles Junior and Robert Henri, his two sons, he continued to create new artworks, paving the way to Studio Glass. Through their love of art, three collectors, Barlach Heuer, an artist and patron, Laurence and Jean-Pierre Serre, antique dealers, brought together their collections of glass objects signed “Schneider,” “Le Verre Français,” and “Charder,” to present them in the “Schneider -  Les enfants d'une oeuvre (Retrospective) exhibition in the Sarrguemines Museum and then in the Conches Glass Museum. Barlach Heuer gives us his testament as an artist, one that well reflects him: sensitive and enlightened, fragile and inflamed.  His son, Tomas Heuer, a photographer, was inspired by these glass artworks and allows us to rediscover them and their sources of inspiration.