Glass bestiary from the end of the 19th century until today

Author: Eric Louet

Authors of articles: Véronique Ayroles, Yves Badetz, Aurore Cuyala, Véronique Brumm, Barbara Forest, Muriel Hilaire-Soule, Eric Louet, Florence Nicolas, Jean-Luc Olivié, Marion Pacot, Anne Vanlatum

Published in: 2019

Type: Exhibition catalogue

Editor: Musée de Verre de Conches

Number of pages: 104 pages

Dimensions: 22 x 32 cm

Language: Bilingual French and English catalogue 

ISBN: 978-2-9545359-6-8

Price: €10

Summary: Animals have been one of the oldest sources of inspiration for humanity, continuously used as models for our imagination and our creations. Omnipresent in works of art, they can also be seen in glass arts, in different ways depending on the eras and styles. From stark Art Nouveau realism to more contemporary creations, without forgetting the shapes and stylised decors in the inter-war period, we have animals in all shapes and sizes. With a selection of sixty works of art produced both in glassworks and by artists who influenced the history of glass art from the end of the 19th century until today, animal-based subjects are presented in Conches Glass Museum’s new exhibition, forming a fabulous glass bestiary.