Il était une fois ... (Once Upon a Time)

Anne-Claude Jeitz / Alain Calliste, 2014

Anne-Claude Jeitz and Alain Calliste employ the flame-worked glass technique with a narrative and poetic dimension. Their glass lace creations stem from a specific technique: an interwoven mesh which becomes an adaptable and self-extinguishing tissue. In 2002, Alain Calliste, a self-taught artist from the North of France met Anne-Claude Jeitz, born in Luxembourg, who studied internal architecture at ENSAD in Paris.  They met in their courses on flame-worked glass, in particular with the artist Jay Musler in Frauneau. They began working together with glass beads. Later on the duo created Journal intime (Diary), in 2011 in the Sars-Poteries museum studio at the residence for exhibiting artists. This recent sculpture, Il était une fois (Once Upon a Time) makes us nostalgic, as back in the day we used to recover wool and spin it during the long nights. A convivial moment that new technologies in communication have overtaken. The hand-tools, unmoving and straight, also reveal a subtle relationship between the human body and matter during the processes of artistic creation.





Anne-Claude JEITZ (Born in Esch-sur-Alzette, 1958)

Alain CALLISTE (Born in Willems, 1949)

Il était une fois ... (Once upon a time)


Pâte de verre, lamp working glass

H. 40 ; W. 55 ; D. 50 cm

Inscription 2014

Donated by artists

Inv. MV. 2016


2016 - Corps à corps. Glass Museum, Conches (5 March - 27 November, 2016).


LOUET Eric, Corps à corps. Ed. Musée du Verre, Conches, 2016. Thierry de Beaumont's notice, p. 63.

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